RYANZ Pool Heat Pumps



The efficiency of the RYANZ DC inverter heat pump is something to behold. Using refrigeration technology, for every 1kW of electricity consumed, 15kW is produced. With a COP of 16.14, the RYANZ Heat Pump provides lower energy bills and maximizes the use of your pool throughout the year.

Operating similarly to a heat pump in your home, the RYANZ heat pump has the ability to either heat or cool your pool.

As the weather cools your RYANZ heat pump will heat your pool to a luxurious 30°+! During the summer months, when ambient temperatures exceed comfortable swimming conditions, the RYANZ heat pump will cool the water. All for a fraction of the cost of using an electric heater!

The all weather heat pump unit is designed to withstand the NZ climate all year round. Operating in temperatures as low as -7° and protected by an ABS outershell preventing UV damage and deterioration through summer