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For Homeowners

Efficient, reliable and future-proof, discover what makes RYANZ the best hot water cylinders in NZ.

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For Professionals

The trusted choice for developers, builders, architects and plumbers. The RYANZ system will save you time and money.

Hot water cylinders in New Zealand Mono Bloc Technology


Made for New Zealand Homes

RYANZ Ready-To-Install Hot Water Cylinders are designed with New Zealand homes in mind. From fibre washer connections that reduce earthquake damage by over 90% to our valve unit with 360° accessibility which makes retrofitting in small spaces a breeze, we’ve got all bases covered.

Efficient, reliable and built for the future

3-in-1 Mono Bloc Technology

The patented Mono Bloc unit combines multiple valves and auxiliary inputs into one sturdy brass fitting. Housing the tempering unit, temperature-relief valve, expansion relief valve and shut off check valve. With fewer mechanical parts, the RYANZ 3-in-1 Mono Bloc isn’t only quicker and easier to install than conventional systems, but it also significantly reduces the risk of leaks.

Revolutionary valve technology

3 in 1 mono bloc

Ryanz 3 n 1 Mono Bloc Valve Render